Journalism Projects

EMU Eastern Echo Student Newspaper articles


I wrote some Opinions columns for the student newspaper at EMU called the Eastern Echo. My author profile page has links to the columns I wrote.

News Articles

I wrote several news articles for journalism classes at EMU. They show my skills in News Writing, Research, Information Design, Analysis, and Interviewing.

link logo Lessons Learned in Kindergarten Still Apply in College (Reflection and expression)

link logo Higher education “harshes my mellow” (Reflection and expression)

link logo Drones used for good (Current event news and research)

link logo New campus drinking fountains are great investment (Current event news)

link logo Letter to the Editor

Adobe pdf logo EMU Students Feeling Optimistic About Job Prospects (Research, Interviewing, analysis, current news feature writing)

Adobe pdf logo Just Me and Bobby Calderoni (Interviewing, Research, and feature news writing about a person)

Adobe pdf logo The Adirondacks’ Best Kept Secret (Feature news writing about a place)

Adobe pdf logo Observing the Corner Brewery (Feature news writing about an observation)

Adobe pdf logo Traumatic Brain Injuries affect Everything in your Life (Research, information analysis, and news reporting on a meeting)

Adobe pdf logo Three Cheers for Craft Beers? The Revolution in Beer Brewing (Interviewing, Research, and feature writing about a trending topic)

Adobe pdf logo I’m not Blonde—Just Naive (feature writing about an amusing story)


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