Technical Writing Projects

Link to Technical Writing Solution Proposal Page

Internet Resources for New EMU First Year Writing Program Instructors

Internet Resources for EMU WRTG121 Students

pdficonCase Studies for FYWP Instructors

Augmented Reality Projects

You will need to download the Aurasma App if you want to see the Interactive overlays “Hidden Over” the EMU poster.

Augmented Reality Enhanced marketing ad or poster for the EMU App 

(I have canceled my subscription to Zappar so the Zaps on the building tour posters below will not play. If you are interested in seeing and hearing the building tours for the two buildings in the posters below, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I plan to convert them to Aurasma Auras soon.)

EMU Honors College Augmented Reality Enhanced Interactive Historical Building Tour

EMU Pray-Harrold Building Augmented Reality Enhanced Interactive Historical Building Tour

Graphic Communication Projects

Inspirational sayings and quotes on photo images

Original Digital Photography

AMS Letterhead

AMS Business Cards

Six Nations Indian Museum Photo Slideshow

Professional Communication Projects

AMS Customer Job Evaluation and Recommendations

AMS Landscape Repair Analysis

GEE Student & Family Code of Conduct

Global Vision Development Business Plan

Grants and Proposals

Scholarship Application for Sault Saint Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians

Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Social Media Strategic Roadmap Social Media Plan

Content Writing Projects

I’m not Blonde–Just Naive

The Adirondacks’ Best Kept Secret


I created two new blog sites for different classes in Fall 2016 that I have linked below. They each have essays, blog posts, and assorted other writings created for those classes.

Marianne’s Writing 328w Blog

Marianne Frontino McCreight WRTG 444 Portfolio Blog

I created and upkeep the blog for Ann Arbor’s First Street Garden Inn



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