I’ve Been Writing Tons~Really!

I know it’s been a while since you’ve seen any blog posts from Marianne’s Musings but really, I’ve practically been living on WordPress since this semester started. Three of my five classes this fall involve either blogging or website design. It’s been an exhausting semester so far and I don’t think it’s going to slow down any before it’s over. It’s amazing what you can do when you’re motivated. I thought I was past the age of all-nighters for college but I’ve proved myself mistaken several times so far this fall.

In addition to the blogging, I am going to be re-designing a website for a new friend of mine as part of my Web Publishing Technology class. I met Kathy Clark, who runs the First Street Garden Inn in downtown Ann Arbor, at an Ypsi Spark sponsored meeting last June and we kind of hit it off. I volunteered to help show her how some different social media sites work, one thing led to another … and now I am going to do her website for that class. I’ve been doing social media for her inn as part of my Writing for the World Wide Web class, including a blog site. It’s been a fun and interesting part of my semester.

Kathy has a gorgeous old house in Downtown Ann Arbor, just around the corner from Washtenaw Dairy and within walking distance of the football stadium, downtown shopping/eating/drinking, and also U of M central campus sites. If you have any family coming to town who need a place to stay, or if you want to go on a pub crawl or FairyDoors Tour and stay in town, I can’t recommend her inn highly enough. The blog for the inn is firststreetgardeninn.wordpress.com and her website that I am going to be re-designing pretty soon is at firststreetgardeninn.com.  If you connect with the inn on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or Pinterest, you will get the posts I do for her, too.  I’ve been creating some visitor guides that may come in handy for you or your friends/family so check them out.

If you’re interested in seeing any of the fantastically stimulating writing I’ve been doing for my classes you can go to the following blog sites. Trust me, if you have insomnia, the blog posts on these sites will help you with that!

  • marianneswrtg328wblog.wordpress.com
  • mariannefrontinomccreightportfolio.wordpress.com

It’s been nice taking a break from required writing to chat with you for a minute. I know I won’t have much time to connect anymore until this semester is over in mid-December. Then I’ll be a Bachelor of Arts Degree holder and finished with my classes.  (Woo Hoo!)

Until later, friends.  Marianne


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