Moms, do you have Directionally-Challenged Males in your Home? Here’s help

Blogger Meredith Masony at That’s Inappropriate is a mom’s blogger — she tells it like it is so we don’t have to.  You know, that woman after our own hearts that manages to make all our cares funny and give us a little time-out of the seriousness of parenting. Personally, I like hearing her frustrations and how they often mirror what I went through when my awesome kids were younger.

Last week, after seeing her post INSIDE THE BOWL: A MOTHER’S STRUGGLE I was compelled to do something to help her and other frustrated mothers of sons out there (no pun intended).  Of course, I think I was also probably just avoiding doing my homework, but this project gave me a worthy excuse. I could relate because when we moved into the house we bought in Lansing in 1996, there was brown shag carpet throughout the home, including the kitchen, dining room, and both bathrooms.  Tommy was potty-training at the time — can you say yuck? I think that’s why her post inspired me.

Anyway, I wanted to share the resources I created with you all so that if you are also in need, you can use them too. So, just click on the link here to get my Assistive Devices for Directionally Challenged Males.  Feel free to share these resources with your friends and family who may be in need.

And if you are an artist with better Photoshop skills that I have, I can envision golf-themed devices, too. Care to try?  Send me your results in a comment on this post.

Photo sign to post on toilet lids
Photo sign to post on toilet lids

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