Cyber Bullies vs. Cyber Lynch Mobs—Does Anyone Win? — Kristen Lamb’s Blog

Kristen Lamb hit the nail on the head with this blog post I have re-posted below.  Why is it people think it’s okay to be so cruel to each other? Is it that the people aren’t in their face so it is easier to eviscerate them?

I read about an attorney who was assigned by the courts to be the executor of someone’s estate, and a woman who was a blogger just annihilated him in her posts, hurling all kinds of accusations that were not true on him, and when he tried to sue her for slander and libel, he was not able to win the case because she wasn’t considered a “journalist” by the courts.

Amazing. It wouldn’t seem so bad if the accusations were at all true, but they were completely misconstrued and false claims by someone who really didn’t know what she was talking about and refused to listen to the truth.

Help spread the word that people need to stop and think before they spew their venom all over the internet~for their own sake as well as humanity’s.

Humanity has been gifted with this lovely new invention…the internet. For the first time in human history, we can connect and even befriend people all over the world. We can easily research, whether that is for a novel we’re planning or to figure out why we broke out in weird spots after eating pistachios. There […]

via Cyber Bullies vs. Cyber Lynch Mobs—Does Anyone Win? — Kristen Lamb’s Blog


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