“Inked” books go viral–Try not to gag!

Cave drawings, papyrus scrolls, animal hides, parchment sheets, printed, hard-bound books, paperbacks, iBooks, eReaders — what do they have in common?

Click the link below to find out, from an awesome post from the Islandeditions WordPress blog.

Let’s get one thing straight!.

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog post by Susan M. Toy and thought you may enjoy it too.  I never really thought much about it before, but she is right, all books, no matter what format they are published in, are “real” books.

I am an avid reader, and I read mostly ebooks for pleasure and “traditional,” “printed,” “hardcopy” books for things like school classes.  That’s my preference, although I still enjoy some novels in “hardcopy.”  I have to say I prefer magazines in hard-copy and have no preference for either hardcopy newspapers/newsletters or eNewsletters and eNewspapers.

That being said, I’m thinking Susan may want to jump on my bandwagon to start a trend to call them “hardcopy” books, “traditionally-printed” books — or maybe “pulpously-committed” or even “inked” books.  I mean, I have said for years that I don’t get lost while driving in a new town or area; I simply get “temporarily misdirected” or “take the scenic route.”  (That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.)  And housewives everywhere have fought for the handle “domestic engineer.”

Yeah, I think “inked” books is my favorite, so that is going to be my new term for books printed with ink on paper.  Please spread the word and let’s make it the new fad–I’m talking viral, Baby.   After all, the author of all those books, whether ibooks, ebooks, audio books, or “inked” books, went through the same amount of blood, sweat, and tears to share their stories with us — saying they are not “real” because they weren’t printed on paper with ink could be very irritating–I mean disheartening.

Have a glass of wine on me, Susan, and spread the word, ebooks, audio books, or any other kind of books, are just as “real” as “inked” books.


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