“Write on” and K.I.S.S. the King!

“Write on” and K.I.S.S. the King!

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I’m new in this whole PR and Social Media business world—sure, I’ve been writing for over 20 years, but I was a court reporter—all I did was write what OTHER people had to say. Unfortunately for you, that means that after 20 years of LISTENING while I wrote to give substance to other people’s words, I suddenly found my voice. Be patient with me, for that voice is a little rusty, and I’m not sure it has anything to say that anyone would like to hear, but I love exercising my new-found freedom.

While writing is one of my newest loves, READING is something that I have been in love with as far back as I can remember. Reading is my best friend—it takes me where I want to go and leads me into places I never dreamed of. Want to know how to do it, whatever “it” is? Want to know how so-and-so did “it”? Want to visit somewhere (anywhere) else? All easily possible with glorious reading.

I love the internet almost as much as I love reading. Before the internet, I collected phone books. Really. When you are writing down what others say, you have to spell whatever that was, and sometimes they mention business or people’s names. Is it Dr. Smith you saw as a result of your slip‑and‑fall, or is it Dr. Smythe? I had to know so I could put it in the court transcript. It was a beautiful bonfire when I finally relinquished my telephone book collection, built over time whenever I traveled. Now, it’s just a few clicks of my keyboard and Voila! Almost instant access. It’s a beautiful thing!! (I’m easily impressed)

So I take this Fundamentals of Social Media class to further my studies in technical writing, and I find out that social media is simply writing for the masses. “Content is King” is one of the first things I learned from searching online sources and through my textbook, Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect,” by Gina Luttrell. What is content? Oh, writing. Turns out it’s more related to technical writing than I first thought.

I have completed two college writing courses so far, and in both classes I’ve noticed that the thought of writing caused panic and fear in many of my fellow students. I have to say, this leaves me stumped. I mean, this is so much easier than remembering the formulas for calculating return on investment and profit margin that I learned about in Accounting. I’m the one who panics at the thought of doing math, so maybe I found my niche. However, anyone can do this, and learning the “formula” for success is much simpler.

I’ve seen many, many blogs, articles, and various how-to articles on writing social media content, both what to write about and the purpose of the writing. This is all helpful, but basically, you just need to write. What are you thinking about? Write it down. Can’t stand the thought of writing? Record it on your voice memo app on your smart phone and then send it to your secretary and ask her to type it up for you. Or buy a voice recognition software package that will do it for you. Writing is conversation, it’s connecting, it’s communicating—you can do it. It just takes practice. Some Tips to get writing experience from Katie Gerwick of EMU’s PRSSSA organization make you realize how easy it really is. And if you’re worried about making mistakes the whole world could see, kind of like showing your underwear in public, then check out Technically Write It’s articles Top 10 Writing Mistakes or Top 10 Writing Tips to calm your fears.

The bottom line of all the different articles and books I’ve read boils down to two things: K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, sweetheart) and don’t forget the king—to have great content you need to Write—Write, Write—Write, Write.

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